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join Constructing Excellence Bristol Club

It's a great time to join or re-join Constructing Excellence Bristol Club (CEBC). The benefits and membership options are set out below.

Membership of the Club, renewable annually (1st April), provides you with unique opportunities to

- network with like minded construction professionals
- attend seminars, workshops and CPD events at significantly reduced cost
- share real life experiences and learn from the successes and mistakes of others
- gain access to tools, techniques and case studies to enable you to implement Best Practice
- become better informed as to what your competitors are doing to stay ahead
- improve your personal and business profile in the region

If you would like to become a member, you can click here or select from the links below to join and pay online:

Other Memberships

• Constructing Excellence South West - Log on to the website for membership costs. Fees paid for CEBC membership will be subtracted from the cost of joining CESW. CESW are not a club per se but members of CEBC can participate and join in the Forums on the website. Membership of CESW is not required to attend events but it does give you a 50% discount.

• National Membership - If your organisation is a Construction Excellence national member please contact Colm Quinn or on 08456 055 556 to find out if a complimentary club place is available.  Where available national membership covers the cost of individual membership of CEBC.