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Constructing Excellence

Collaborate. Innovate. Motivate.

Britain's construction industry is world class – but it could be even better. One of the most effective ways to reach this objective is through the acceptance and application of Best Practice. Constructing Excellence was launched to make this happen by providing a nationwide support service to all individuals, companies, organisations and supply chains in the construction industry seeking to improve the way they do business. Its effects are felt right across the industry – among clients, contractors, design consultants, specialists, suppliers large and small, public or private. 

The essence of Best Practice is communicating and sharing experience for mutual benefit. This is why Constructing Excellence in the South West, Bristol Club, is so important. The club brings the benefits of Best Practice to a practical, personal and local level. We encourage a stronger appreciation of Best Practice principles, spreading the culture of continuous improvement throughout the industry. 

The Bristol Club site benefits members by providing information on all aspects of the club – from meeting times and locations, to officers' contact details and key industry information both locally and nationally.