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Little Bristol - Come sailing with us!

15 July 2016

Now an annual event, and ever growing, this was the third Little Bristol. 
Click here for photos from this epic networking event.

The Western Powerhouse?
20 April 2016

The CEBC Conference focused on opportunities for the local construction sector in relation to the idea of the introduction and development of the Western Powerhouse. Particular focus was on the implications of infrastructure, resources, employment, and innovation to consider how a consolidated region could develop itself.

Little Bristol - Come sailing with us!
17 July 2015

Click here for photos from this epic event

Building our Green Capital
22 April 2015

In the year that Bristol is European Green Capital, the Conference will focus on what this means for the city and how our construction industry will rise to the challenge and take the lead nationally in reducing environmental impact.

Our keynote speaker is environmentalist and writer Jonathon Porritt, environmental advisor to royalty, industry members and current president of Sustainability Development Charity ‘Sustainability South West’.

Being Greenest
26 November 2014

The Government’s ‘Construction 2025: Strategy’ has set a long-term vision for the industry to demonstrate clear leadership and to lead the world in low-carbon and green construction exports. Bristol must be in pole position to deliver on these aims and lead the UK in sustainability in the built environment. In the run in to Bristol’s year as European Green Capital in 2015, this event will launch our annual series of workshops with a seminar looking at the issues and themes that must be mastered to be classed as leaders in designing and delivering a ‘green’ built environment.

Our speakers will be examining and reporting on research and advancements using examples of bleeding edge national and international development and future thinking, particularly in relation to climate change adaptation.

5-a-side football tournament in World Cup year
12 September 2014

In honour of Brazil hosting the World Cup this year, why not join Constructing Excellence for its very own Brazilian style construction industry 5-a-side football tournament at Goals Soccer Centre, WISE Campus, Bristol.

Entry £100 per team of 7.

Little Bristol - come sailing with us
18 July 2014

Join Constructing Excellence Bristol Club for a sailing event in Port Solent, Hampshire. This exciting event is open to all those involved in the construction industry from and around Bristol. Teams will compete, racing 40' yachts. Your company or organisation can be one of them. A competent skipper and mate will be assigned to your boat*, giving an opportunity to share an unforgettable day together. No experience is needed (!), just the will to work and have fun as a team.

A boat can be yours for £1255 + VAT for the day (8.00am to 5.30pm) including meals, refreshments and waterproofs. Think about some of your team arriving the evening before and sleeping aboard**, so you could enhance the event by entertaining your guests ashore. Teams can be mixed with guests or a single organisation. A professional sailing charter and race management company means your safety and enjoyment is covered.

Stimulating the Bristol construction market - capitalising on alternative funding models
15 July 2014

Even as Bristol’s construction market continues to recover, mainstream funding models are unlikely to develop many of Bristol’s more difficult yet significant sites. On the other hand, the city has a raft of ideas for more radical, innovative, and community-facing funding models.

In this HtL workshop, leading proponents of fresh approaches to the funding of developments will challenge us to examine the benefits, concerns and implementation strategies for their three alternative –and they would argue – more appropriate ways of funding the city’s more challenging development projects.

Construction 2025 – meeting the objectives
10 April 2014

Forecast growth in global construction market: 70% by 2025

The Government’s strategies to ensure UK companies are best placed to dominate this forecast growth include:
• Reform of the planning system
• Funding for key infrastructure projects
• Supporting the housing market (Help to Buy and Funding for Lending schemes)
• Development of long-term vision paper Construction 2025 

Improving knowledge sharing within the construction industry
28 January 2014

Construction projects are all about sharing information and knowledge between parties, from capturing a brief, to consultants developing a scheme, to contractors building on site. This workshop will present practical new models and tools for information and knowledge sharing, developed out of industry research. You will get the chance to investigate and practice them with other practitioners. These tools will help you diagnose problems within your own company and provide a framework to address them.

Engines of growth - stimulating the Bristol construction market
14 November 2013

The influential Heseltine Report, Leaving No Stone Unturned, identified Local Enterprise Partnerships and Chambers of Commerce as ‘engines of growth’ in the regions. Alongside this, the Construction Industry Council’s report, Growth through BIM, sets out how the UK’s BIM Strategy can be turned into economic growth both here and abroad. Representatives of the LEP, CsoC and CIC shared their strategies for stimulating growth in the Bristol economy and the construction market through collaborative working and the effective use of new technologies.

With stakeholder engagement, does design lose out?
10 October 2013

Is stakeholder engagement important in the design process and if so, what skills and processes do the design team need to use?

This is a networking event and will be particularly beneficial for young professionals and students to meet and network with others. 


CEBC Annual Five-A-Side Football Tournament
13 September 2013

In honour of Brazil being 5 times winners of the World Cup and their hosting of the next competition in Brazil in 2014, why not join Constructing Excellence for its very own Brazilian style construction industry five-a-side football tournament at Goals Soccer Centre, WISE Campus, Bristol.

Entry £100 per team of 7.

CEBC Autumn Seminar: Stimulating the Bristol Construction Market
25 September 2013

What can we do to further understand the region’s clients and communities? What can we do to overcome their current reluctance to initiate construction projects?  Could we be using public and private funding more effectively to support communities and clients in order to kick start the market?  How do we improve access to finance and could we be more creative in funding projects?  Do we need to promote alternative business models and/or unlock blockages in the flow of money and work in current approaches?  How do we convince clients and communities of the whole-life value of investing in new and/or refurbished built assets?

Unlocking the potential of small local practices and firms
26 June 2013

Public sector clients, sustainability and community engagement are amongst the drivers of the move to procuring construction products and services from shorter more locally based supply chains.  In this workshop we will identify the benefits and concerns associated with this trend and go on to establish best practice in engaging with and developing the region’s small practices and firms.

CSR: What's in it for me?
7 May 2013

Why should businesses and/or individuals actively engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities? What are the benefits and concerns and in what ways can we all go about giving something back into the communities in which we work, in the Bristol region?

Annual Conference 2013
7 March 2013

The legal framework for ‘localism’ has been fixed through the 2011 Localism Act, however it is unclear how this will be interpreted by different cities. This conference asks the question: What does this mean to the Construction Industry and residents of Bristol?

Community Engagement
7 November 2012

If localism and community engagement are to be truly effective in Bristol then we need to rethink the principles and practice of development. We will need to bring design quality and functionality, sustainability, finance, planning, and community engagement together in a new spirit of creativity, enlightenment, and mutual advantage.

Buying into Communities
10 October 2012

This workshop examined how clients of the region’s construction industry, working in collaboration with their suppliers, can help build a world-class workforce by using the influence of their capital works programmes to help engender a culture of creativity, learning and growth within their project teams, supply chains and communities. The workshop was led by teams from CITB-ConstructionSkills, Bath and North East Somerset Council and Willmott Dixon.

Localism Seminar
19 September 2012

Localism and neighbourhood planning are about exciting but also challenging changes; changes that potentially involve all in the development and construction professions and for which all need to work closely together. The event will provide a basic briefing, offer perspectives from different professionals and give opportunities for key questions to be raised and discussed.